renderings of mixed-use high-rise commercial and residential developments 

architectural hand rendering, illustration, visualisation in watercolor tecnique, high-rise mixed-use commercial office space development in Gurgaon, India

Architectural rendering of One on One Commercial Center in Gurgaon. Sepia watercolor technique.

Vatika Group. Gurgaon, India.

"... The six buildings of One On One are so arranged that they create a large public space in the middle. This space, over 2 acres in area, shall become a grand, central piazza. The piazza will be beautifully landscaped and will serve as the vibrant nerve centre of the project. The ground floors of the buildings around have been earmarked for hospitality, recreation and retail establishments. The piazza will thus be surrounded by shops, specialty restaurants and cafes spilling over onto the plaza itself. There will be convenience stores, banks, travel houses, sports facilities, health and fitness centres as well. The piazza will be a public space open to everyone, so this uniquely exciting recreation hub will draw its clientele from a large surrounding area, and all through the week.

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