renderings of mixed-use high-rise commercial and residential developments 

architectural hand rendering, illustration, visualisation in watercolor tecnique, high-rise mixed-use commercial office space development in Gurgaon, India

Architectural rendering of One on One Commercial Center in Gurgaon. Sepia watercolor technique.

Vatika Group. Gurgaon, India.

”Gurgaon: The Millennium City Gurgaon is arguably the fastest growing real estate market in India. … The growth of Gurgaon has been driven by the corporate sector. Many of the world’s best-known multinational corporations have chosen Gurgaon as their headquarters in India, and their top executives have chosen it as their home. The cosmopolitan nature of Gurgaon is reflected in the city’s residents, markets, shop shelves, restaurants, schools and entertainment centres. … Gurgaon stands apart as a world city.

… The centerpiece of Gurgaon’s commercial diadem is now being shaped by the Vatika Group. …One On One is coming up at what is probably the most prime location for a commercial project in Gurgaon today. Sector 16 is located right along National Highway 8, the great artery of Gurgaon’s commercial lifeblood. It is green, uncluttered, and well known as a buzzing hub of institutions, hospitality and entertainment. Tree-covered institutional sites flank the project; yet it is virtually adjacent to Gurgaon’s original landmark – 32nd Milestone, and the select set of commercial developments around it. ..


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