Our watercolor renderings and illustrations are recognized worldwide for their exceptional quality.  In the ten years since its inception, has won ten annual awards from the American Society of Architectural Illustrators. In 2010 it received international acclaim with the release of Fabio Schillaci’s “Architectural Renderings - Construction and Design Manual” which was published in Germany and features 14 by-invitation-only architectural illustration practices from around the world.  Since its debut in Europe, the book has been released for distribution in Asia, Australia and in the United States and is available on  Another publication featuring the company’s work, Drafting and Visual Presentation for Interior Designers by Lydia Cline, was released in early 2011 from Pearson Prentice Hall.

Our portfolio includes educational and healthcare facilities, museums, commercial developments, shopping malls, entertainment venues, resorts, and hotels across the United States, as well as in Canada, Egypt, India, Mexico, Qatar, Russia, South Korea, and UAI, for clients such as Ballinger, BLT, Burt Hill, Canon Design, Cornell University, Cubellis GBQC, Dranoff Properties, Dailey+Jalboot, Gensler, Greenberg Farrow, Forrec, John Milner Architects, Icon5, Karlsberger, KlingStubbins, Lacina Heitler, Liberty Property Trust, Little, Perkins + Will, Peter Marino, RMJM Hillier, Rockwell Group, Robert A.M.Stern, SaylorGregg, Stantec, Vitetta, and WRT.

We specialize in creating uniquely warm, humanistic images. Our skill in drawing people brings the focus of illustrations to the human component of designed spaces; the watercolor technique brings additional warmth to the renderings.  As a result, we produce renderings that not just convey the design: our illustrations help architects and designers capture the hearts and minds of their audience, and assist the owners in generating excitement about the project and effectively raising the funds.  

When you collaborate with us on visualizing your design, you will:

~ communicate your design vision in a language that appeals beyond the design community – the language of beautiful pictures;

~ employ the power of art to appeal on an emotional level, coalesce all parties around the vision, and generate excitement about the project;

~ illustrate your earliest ideas in highly accomplished images. Our process has been perfected to develop an architect’s napkin sketch into a gorgeous rendering. Below, please see an example of how the process unfolds.

~ make the concept clear without locking onto the details. Hand illustration conveys the flexible nature of the concept, subject to further development, in the very style of drawing;

~ accelerate the design process and make it highly cost effective by developing it right inside the illustration;

~ encounter fewer design reviews. As our client put it: “Everything you illustrate gets approved.”

~ present your project in a humanistic manner, explain how the design works, and help your audience relate to it through our masterly use of entourage. No one on the market today comes close to our ability to render the entourage;

~ make early PR and fundraising possible;

~ receive superb marketing materials regardless at which stage of the design process you engage us;

~ receive donor gifts in the form of limited edition prints and/or original watercolors. TEAM is run by the architect-artist team of Serge and Anna Losev.
Serge offers clients his exceptional skill of visualizing architectural concepts in freehand sketches, and his extensive expertise in the development of conceptual design right inside the illustration.  He can create complex perspectival drawings based on his command of perspective, without dependence on any modern digital tools, although the firm often chooses to default to the use of Sketch-up.  Serge also brings to the practice his understanding of the issues our clients face, gained through more than 15 years of architectural and design experience in the healthcare, retail, educational and museum design in the United States and Canada.  He has worked as a senior architectural designer on projects such as Pinnacle Health, Will’s Eye Hospital, The Philadelphia Please Touch Museum and The Philadelphia School District Headquarters. 

Serge holds a degree in architecture from St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts, the school with such a strong emphasis on developing architectural presentation, drawing, and painting skills that it awards its graduates not only a Master’s degree in architecture, but also a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in architectural presentation. His design talent was recognized among hundreds of entries and Serge was chosen to receive the highest national award for graduate theses design. His role in the companies he subsequently worked for has been conceptual design, presentation, and selling the design concept to the client and to the public.

Serge is a founding partner in  He has been creating architectural presentations since his freshman year in architectural school. He interfaces with our clients on all design and technical issues. He also creates quick black and white and color sketches working right in clients’ offices.

Anna lends the firm’s clients a unique talent, creative vision and elite art training, coupled with lifetime exposure to architecture through family and work history.  Anna is a professional artist with an international exhibition record; her work is represented in multiple public and private collections.  She was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, into the family of famous architect A.V. Vasiliev and, among her family’s seven architects, is the only artist.

Anna graduated, summa cum laude, with a Master’s degree from the elite St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts.  She then completed a three-year Ph.D. level fellowship at the Creative Studio for Outstanding Young Artists and became a member of the faculty at the Academy, teaching drawing, painting and visual presentation to architecture students.  Anna subsequently moved to Canada, where she received a second Master’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Calgary.  For three years she taught painting and drawing at Red Deer College in Alberta, before moving to Philadelphia, where she co-founded

Anna has been involved with architectural illustration since her undergraduate years.  Her ability to draw people allowed the company to respond to the market demand for images with emphasis on the human use of the designed space.  She gives the company’s illustrations their unique warmth, distinctive look, and humanistic touch. She oversees all aesthetic aspects of the practice and interfaces with clients on rendering design and the overall look of the illustrations. PROCESS

A collaboration with starts with a client’s call to us.  We prefer a phone inquiry to an email, whenever possible.  Once it is established that the deadlines work for both parties, the rendering process begins with the development of SKETCH(es).

Sometimes, the views are established through the review of the client’s digital model. When a client model is not available,’s illustrators either hand sketch or create an in-house Sketch-up model, depending on the project. The suggested view sketches are emailed to client for review.

Once approved, the illustration moves into the DRAWING stage.  While the architectural perspective is developed in detail following the approved view, people and objects of entourage are drawn separately, in order to facilitate a quicker turnaround.  All elements of the drawing are scanned and put together on the computer screen. This digital process allows the exploration of many combinations of figures and objects, and makes it possible to adjust the rendering according to the client’s requests in ways that were not feasible in the past. The finished drawing file is emailed to the client for approval.

Once the drawing is approved, we COLOR the image in watercolor. The finished watercolor is then scanned and adjusted digitally.  Interior images that include renditions of finishes may require extensive Photoshop work over the watercolor.  The adjusted color image is emailed to the client. The digital file, rather than a watercolor on paper, is now the final product by

Digital tools and the internet make long distance collaborations easy. We will be in constant communication with you on our progress via the email. Many of our best projects were completed without ever meeting the client in person. See the Landscape Illustration section for the images of Havasu City golf course and LA Mission College athletic fields, or the Interior Renderings section for the images of Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital and the Ocean Park Mall for examples of our long distance collaborations, completed without ever meeting our clients in person. PUBLICATIONS 

Drafting and Visual Presentation for Interior Designers. Cline, Lydia. Pearson Prentice Hall. Scheduled for release in 2011.
Architectural Renderings - Construction and Design Manual. Schillaci, Fabio. DOM, Germany. 2010.  Since its debut in Europe, the book has been released by One Page Publishing in Singapore for distribution in Asia, by World Scientific Pub. Co., Inc. for distribution in Australia, and by John Wiley and Sons in the United States.
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Numerous miscellaneous periodicals and online publications, such as Duke Law Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The News Journal, Cavalier Daily, and others.


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